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Bespoke hotels
in distinctive
Australian landscapes

The Pinctada Beach Resort and Spa

Our resort design and experience connects guests with the unique Australian landscape and sense of place at Rottnest Island. Our intension is to do this by creating resort spaces and outlooks that create private framed views and intimacy with the surrounding distinctive landscape.

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    Rottnest Island, WA
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The proposal works with the contours of the site with resort buildings nestled into the ground surface; views to the ocean are maximised and rooms and suites are generous and interconnected allowing families and groups the opportunity to lounge and come together. The architectural design minimises the use of water, gas and power and is encouraged by using passive heating, cooling, lighting design technology and thermal mass. By taking advantage of the climatic conditions we create a strong sustainable solution that harmonises with the unique ecology and sensitivity of Rottnest.

  • Client

    Marilynn Paspaley

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    Architectural Design

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